Some Shareasale shops ask for a 'tracking id'. What's that?

This is only used for your shareasale backend reports. You can filter your shareasale earnings by tracking ID so you can, for example, see which clicks/leads originated from linkdeli vs anything else.

See ShareASale's info on the tracking id here

If this does not sound very helpful or sounds overly complicated, just leave it empty as it is optional!

When I click on my Shareasale-based-shop links, i get something like: 'Your link is not active'

Please check that you have your shareasale affiliate ID set correctly. You can find your shareasale affiliate ID (and verify it) like so: https://linkdeli.com/page/how-do-i-find-my-shareasale-id

I found a shop that it is not in LinkDeli and I want to use it. What do I do?

If the shop has an open affiliate program (meaning, anyone can join), just let us know! You will find a request form on the shops page. Just click the button at the bottom of that page and let us know of the shop!

If the shop does not have an affiliate program, just go ahead and add links with either the bookmarklet, or using the "add link" button, found at the bottom of the edit list page. LinkDeli will auto-pick the icon for you as well.

Where can I use LinkDeli?

You can use it everywhere. The LinkDeli widget is ideal for your blog post. People tend to look for products you used, when you present them with a project on your blog post. You can also use the LinkDeli product lists in your YouTube videos. LinkDeli produces a special format that fits in your video description. We are adding text links to multiple shops too! Just pick the html and paste it inside the blogpost, to have reference there as well. And of course, you can use our special shortened links for your social media posts.

How much does LinkDeli cost?

Currently, during its beta phase, LinkDeli is free to use as long as you have an extended Project manager account