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A Product List That Really Sells

LinkDeli is the ultimate tool for everyone who runs a Blog, YouTube Channel or Instagram Account and recommends products to their users.

Our statistics prove that in average, providing a product list with images and links to multiple shops results in 3x sales compared to just having text affiliate links.

It also saves you time so you can focus on what really matters - your content!

Our automated, beautifully designed product lists are comprised of affiliate links to multiple shops for each product. Each list is built with the images of the products and gives a window-shopping experience to the readers.

Ultimate Tool For Every Blogger And YouTuber

Everything you need to make your business grow super fast!


  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Easy to understand graphs
  • Actionable information

Media Integrations

  • Blog widget for window-shopping
  • YouTube's description-optimized lists
  • Instagram-ready url

Visual impact

  • Professional-looking product lists
  • Multiple shops per product

Customizable lists

  • Add custom products, blogs and reviews
  • Change links while live
  • Newsletter integrations with e-mail automation providers

Drive more SALES, Make more MONEY, Save more TIME in


Select Your Shops

Just set your affiliate ID for the shop/network and its every link becomes an affiliate link.


Select Your Products

All affiliate networks are supported for one-click link product adding.
Just pick the links from the shops or search in our product database


Integrate With Your Blog

Grab the code and put it in your blog post and/or youtube description.
List done!


Add It To Your Socials

Create once. Embed in your blog, YouTube channel, email list and social media
No risk, 30-day money back guarantee!

What People Say About Us

I use the LinkDeli service to support my blog readers and YouTube viewers, with an easy-to-use window shopping experience, of products I recommend in video tutorials. The month I started using this amazing service, my affiliate income doubled, because my community could see photos of what they remember from my tutorials and easily click to purchase. I highly recommend it!

Rebekah R Jones

For me, LinkDeli is a huge time saver and so easy to use. I can have multiple shop options per product, clearly laid out in each product link. Moreover, LinkDeli fits my clean and simple blog design and the ability to change the style to suit is a bonus. LinkDeli's customer service is always five star; they listen to and work with bloggers to fulfil our needs

Debby Hughes

Simple to customise, prettify and use… it’s rare to find software that hits all the right notes and delivers so much to its users. LinkDeli gives my posts a professional look and feel, generates more affiliate earnings through different means - and even helps me analyse the results. I wouldn’t be without it.

Taheerah Atchia

Linking affiliates in my blog used to be so tedious; finding the referral code, searching for products in multiple shops and creating, copying & pasting multiple links. Since using LinkDeli, creating a supply list for each blog post makes that part of blogging a breeze! LinkDeli makes my posts and subscriber’s emails look professional and polished.

Nanette Tracy

I have used LinkDeli’s services for a long time now and cannot imagine my website without it. With my busy schedule, I value the speed at which you can create link lists without sacrificing quality and beauty! The many customizable features are also invaluable, as it allows my link lists to coordinate seamlessly with my site. This powerful platform is a blogger’s best friend!

Nina-Marie Trapani

I've tried at least three different programs for supply lists prior to subscribing to LinkDeli, including the prior version of LinkDeli - InLinkz and all I can say is LinkDeli is light years ahead of them all.

Lydia Fiedler

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