What does it do?

Linkdeli enables you to:
  • increase your revenue
  • decrease the amount of time spent linking to product
  • make your blog visually awesome for your readers

How does it do it?

By helping you:
  • create awesome product lists with images to put inside your blog
  • connect products to shops through affiliate networks
  • link a product to multiple shops

...and it does so, easily, just by clicking.

Yes, but how?

In three simple steps:
  • select your preferred shops
  • create lists with the products you want
  • put the list code in your blog/youtube/social media

...and increase your affiliate revenue.

What else?

Linkdeli has features to:
  • track your click-throughs
  • see where you are selling the most
  • plan ahead based on product popularity

...try it out and see for yourself!

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