How to add your affiliate product list in your newsletter email

In affiliate blogging, the email newsletter is one of the most essential tools in keeping your readers in the loop. It is an effective way to connect directly with your audience and an excellent channel for driving traffic and revenue

Most bloggers utilize the newsletter to maintain consistent communication with their readers and enhance their engagement. A newsletter subscriber is usually a loyal reader, focused on a specific niche, thus, integrating affiliate links in your newsletter can noticeably increase the odds of generating a sale.

The methods to generate your newsletter are basically two:

  1. Build each and every newsletter by hand, using an application like Mailchimp, Email Octopus, Madmimi, Aweber, etc. You can then add the links while writing the newsletter content.
  2. Automatically create a newsletter by letting the application pull your latest blog post (including the LinkDeli list with your affiliate links)
Supporting the first option is pretty straightforward but what happens with the second option?

LinkDeli has introduced three options for embedding an affiliate product list in a blog-post-generated newsletter email, making it much easier for any subscriber to purchase.

Let's see how it works:

Log in to your Linkdeli account and go to the Lists page.

Find the list you want to add to your newsletter and click on the "web code" button.

A window with the available codes will popup. Click on the blog tab and turn the “Email Integration” visibility on. Once you toggle it, a list with three integration codes will show up.

Choose the code that fits best to your email content and click to copy the code as usual.

Please note: Different options are available on different plans.

Integration codes

1. Link to product list:

This code displays a static image and sends your readers directly to the respective LinkDeli product list.

2. Text link products:
The text code provides only the product description and shop links. null
3. Thumbnail products:

This code displays clickable thumbnails that direct readers to a shop to buy.

The thumbnail product code is optimized for email as well as mobile devices.


Let's become a little technical! 

The code you copy from your LinkDeli dashboard contains the widget code and, depending on your selection, another static email-optimized piece of code with its own email-optimized links. Since the widget will not be rendered in the email, the email-optimized code will be used.

Stats count

This code comes with its own statistics so you can finally see how many sales come from your marketing emails. The email statistics graph will tell you WHEN your users open their emails and thus, you can target them even better.

Important note!

Please take notice that while you are in the preview mode of your blog post, the product list will not be displayed in full widget visuals, unless you publish it. What you currently see, is the email-optimized code.