The ONLY code

If your blog is hosted on a platform, then you are probably aware of the restrictions that this platform has, one of which is that you cannot embed scripts or objects on these sites.

This means that if you copy-and-paste a code to your blogpost from another site and then publish the post, the code is likely to be stripped out. In case of Linkdeli, which is a script-based service, the above restriction prevents bloggers from having the actual Linkdeli list with clickable links run inside their posts. 

To overcome this, Linkdeli provides users with a specific code. This is a static code that displays only the image of the rendered Linkdeli list in the posts. Once people click on this image, they are directed to a Linkdeli page to view the products and buy.


How to use the ONLY code.

The ONLY code is included in all Linkdeli plans, however, it is not enabled by default. If you want to use it on your blog, you need to contact us to enable it for you.

Once the ONLY code is enabled, simply click on the web code button, select the code from the drop-down menu and copy and paste it to your blog, as usual.

Publish the post and the rendered image of the Linkdeli list will be shown in the post. 

A workaround for Platinum users

The Platinum users that own a blog have the option to use the email integration code (for image thumbnails) instead. This is a static code and it works perfectly for the platforms. It might not produce a so-pretty product list but the links are clickable.