How to use the LinkDeli Products page

The LinkDeli Products page is a quick way to access your most frequently used products as well as the products you manually selected and utilize them to create new lists.


Want more time-saving techniquess? Use templates and create tags for your favorite products.


The LinkDeli Product Page

Navigate to the Product page and search around for the products you have manually added to your lists as well as your most used products.

Your Library

In Υour library you can find the products you have added to your lists through the bookmarklet or the “+Add product” function.

On this page, you can edit, tag or remove any manually added product. The changes will be reflected to all the lists you have added this product.

The Most used products

In the Most used page you can retrieve the products you have used so far, sorted by frequency, regardless the way you have added them in a list (manually or not).

How you can create a new list from the Products page

From the Products page, you can send any product you have previously used to a brand new list or append it to an existing one.

Here is how you can do it: 1. Select one or more products from your library or the most used collection

2. Once you click on a product, it will be sent to the list on the right.

3. Click on the green bag to create a new list or append the product to an existing list.    

4. Select to edit the list or continue with adding more products.


Save a lot of time and hassle of searching for the same products over and over.

Really functional, isn't it?