How to use a template list in LinkDeli

One way to speed up the process of creating a new LinkDeli product list is by utilizing the template lists.

Α template list can serve as a good base for every new list. Simply create reusable templates with the products you use most on your projects and save your time from searching for the same products from scratch.

To set a LinkDeli list as a template, select to edit this list

and just click the last orange button at the end of the list's menu.

The template lists are marked in green on your dashboard. They have the same function as regular lists. You can preview, edit, revert,  delete or rename them. The only difference is that the web code button is not available now (check out more below).

Preview, edit, revert, delete or rename a template list

How to create a new list using a template 

1. On your LinkDeli dashboard, click to create a new product list

Create a new product list

2. Select a list from the templates to use as a base for your new list.

Use a template list to create a new LinkDeli list

3. A new list with exactly the same products as the template list will be created.

Add new products to a template list

4. Use the advanced searching or the +Add product function to add a new product.

5. Once you update the list, copy the code and place it on your blog.

Grab the code and add it to your blog

Quick, isn't it?

NOTE: A template list can function only as a reference list. You can use it as a base for your new list, but you can't place the code of a template list on your blog. That's why there is no corresponding widget code button on the function bar of these lists. If you want to use a template list exactly as it is on your blog, you should first clone it. See how you can do it here.

Check out here how to append a template list to a new LinkDeli product list.