Create and manage tags for your favorite products

In every new project, there are undoubtedly some products that are used frequently and each time you put too much effort into searching for them from scratch. Creating your own tags will save your precious time!

Assigning a tag to a product allows you to group and easily search for related products.

Let’s explore the process:

1. Once you have added products to a list, you can start creating your tags by clicking on the middle icon underneath each product image:


2. A Product tags window will pop up. Click on the “Add new” button.

3. Type a term for your new tag. Try to use simple keywords, for example "favorites” or "most used". Click on "Save" to add the new tag to your list.

4. You can assign multiple tags per product.

5. To remove a tag simply click on the bin on the right.

How to create a new list using tags

Here is how you can quickly create a new product list using tags:

1. On List page, click to create a new list.

2. Click on the Tags field and select one or more tags from the expanding list.

3. Click on the magnifying glass on the right to bring in the relevant products.

4. Select the products you want to be added to your list.

5. Search for more products to your affiliate shops or use the +Add product function to add manually any other product you wish to the list.

6. Once you complete your list, copy the code and paste it on your blog.

Hope this helps you save valuable time and boost your creativity!