LinkDeli Web Codes: for Blogs, YouTube Videos and HTML Texts

After you have created a LinkDeli product list, there is one more step left before you publish your list. That is to select the appropriate web code.

In LinkDeli, there are three basic web codes for you to use (and one special code):

the Blog code, the YouTube code and the HTML code.

Blog code

This code allows you to add product lists with thumbnails to your blogposts and point your readers to shops to buy through your affiliate links.

To grab this code, select Blog from the drop down menu (1) and then click to copy the code (2). Your blog/ website platform needs to allow for tags to be embedded. Most platforms and self-hosted blogs do.

Paste it to your blog post while in HTML editing mode in order for your list to be displayed in your post.

Note: Since the widget is dynamic (meaning, it is rendered every time you load the page), every change that you make on your LinkDeli dashboard, will be immediately reflected to your blog post as well without the need to change/ replace the code. In case you do not see the changes directly, refresh your page (click ctrl +F5  or⌘ + R ).

YouTube code

To share your supplies list on YouTube, select the YouTube code from the drop down menu. Three description options are available: display only shop's name, show shortened shop's name and not showing shop's name. Choose the description that works best for you and copy the code.

Then, go to your channel and paste the code to the YouTube description field:


Here is how your supply list will be displayed in the video description:


Now, your YouTube followers don't have to search in your blog for the products you recommend. All the supplies they may need are just there for them.

HTML code

In case you want to add links inside your blog post text, use the HTML code. This code is already formatted, with all the affiliate shops included.

Select the HTML code from the same drop down menu.

Go to your post and paste the code.

See below how the product links will be displayed in your text.


Tip: Give a pleasant look to your text by editing the description of your product using the pencil icon. null See in the example below how it will look: null

Email Integration code

LinkDeli provides also an Integration code for embedding an affiliate product list in a blog-post-generated newsletter email, making it much easier for any subscriber to purchase. Learn more here.

WordPress plugin shortcode

If you have a self-hosted Wordpress installation for your blog, you can use the Wordpress shortcode to add a LinkDeli product list to your blog. This shortcode is useful in case you are only a blog post Wordpress Editor (not an admin). Check out more here.