How To Set Up A Fashion-Style Horizontal Scrolling LinkDeli Lists. The "Slider" Style

At times, you may want to create a LinkDeli list where readers can scroll horizontally for new products rather than vertically. You have seen it be used in many mobile apps, you have used it at Netflix and a boatload of fashion blogs, so why not implement it on your LinkDeli products lists as well?

LinkDeli recently introduced a new display style for the product lists; the Slider Style. LinkDeli users can now reduce the vertical space of their post with horizontal displays by enabling the new slider widget.

Click on the following link to see how the Slider Style looks like:

Whenever a user scrolls horizontally, the next product becomes visible.

Let's explore how you can change the default style from grid to a horizontal scrollable menu.

1. On your LinkDeli dashboard, click to edit the list you want to enable the Slider Style.

2. Click on the style button 

3. Click to expand the Product list widget style and select the slider widget. Save


If you want to disable the Slider Style, click again to edit your list and just switch to Grid Style.

Follow the above procedure for changing the style of any list individually.

To apply the Slider Style to all your product lists, go to your Settings and then on List styling, simply select the desire style: