Silver, Gold and Platinum: How to choose the right plan

If you’re planning to use Linkdeli for creating custom affiliate links for your blog and Youtube channel, this post will help you compare the different tiers and choose the plan that's right for your affiliate business!

In this post, we will try to make it easier for you to compare the Linkdeli plans and pick the one that fits your needs. If you are an advanced user and you feel that it is the right time to switch to a new more valuable for your affiliate business plan, then this tutorial is for you as well.

Let's explain the three levels of Linkdeli plans and how they are differentiated based on the offered features.

When you sign up for Linkdeli, you start with a free full-featured 15-day trial period (no credit card required). During this period, you can explore all the features and get a good overview of how LinkDeli can help you grow your affiliate business. Once the trial period ends, you can select one of the paid plans; Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Team plans targeted to shops and design teams are also available on Linkdeli. If you are interested in learning more about these plans, read the post here.

Silver plan

The Silver plan is an entry-level tier that includes all the basic features that new users need to start monetizing their blogs.

Here are the features that Silver offers:

* Blog links:  allow you to insert affiliate product lists with clickable images on your blog by using the provided ready-made code.

* Searchable shops: search for all the products you have used in your projects through the Linkdeli interface. Just find them and add them to your affiliate product lists with a click.

* Tags: create and use tags to group the related products together and find them quickly.

* Custom links: pick links from any online source using the bookmarklet or the +Add product functionality (there is no need to have an affiliate connection to use this tool).

* Email integration code for linking to your affiliate product list through your newsletters.

Gold plan

The Gold plan is the most popular choice for bloggers who want to monetize their YouTube videos or the Instagram bio. This plan allows you to structure an affiliate list once and then place recommendations anywhere (including a homepage, category pages, product pages, cart pages, pop-ups, navigation menus, mobile apps, email, and more).

The Gold plan provides additionally to the Silver plan:

* the YouTube code: a ready-made code for adding your affiliate lists to the YouTube video description box.

* Social/ Instagram profile link: an easy-to-implement solution to consolidate multiple links in one single link. Use it on your Instagram or Twitter account and direct your followers to exactly where you want them to go.

* Editing options for the product titles: this feature allows you to turn the visibility of the product title on/ off and change the font size or the text lines.

* List styling: customize the appearance of your product lists to fit your blog style.

* Email integration code to automatically embed text links to products in your newsletter.

Platinum plan

The Platinum plan gives you all the benefits of the Gold plan plus:

* Html links: a ready-made HTML code to embed text links in your write-up, blog, social media, and emails.

* Full list styling: more theming options are available on this plan, such as changing the background color of your lists, the image roundness, or toggle the visibility of the shop links.

* Email integration code for automatically embed thumbnail links to products in the newsletters.

* White labeling: use the "powered by" icon displayed at the end of the lists as a LinkDeli affiliate link or completely hide it.

* Monetization: allows you to use the Linkdeli logo under your lists as an affiliate link and get a commission if someone becomes a paid customer after clicking it.


Moreover, all the Linkdeli plans offer:

* Automatic affiliate assignment. Linkdeli automatically converts any link you bring into an affiliate link using your own affiliate ID (you only need to have set up your affiliate shops on Linkdeli).

* Linkdeli shortener for your links.

* Multiple shops per product: give your readers the option to buy a product from multiple shops and maximize the click-through rates.

* Statistics page: have a full in-depth view of your affiliate product list's performance and increase your sales.

* Templates and cloning functionality: speed up the process of creating a new product list by creating templates and clones.

* Library page: have the most used products on a page

* Printable lists:  print your supplies lists and hand them out to your students in your offline classes. Don't miss a customer!

* Monthly leads: Each plan has a max limit on the allowed monthly clicks. The leads are all human clicks on your links excluding automated bots, Google scans, robots, crawlers, and spammy clicks (meaning someone constantly clicking on the same links). A click counts as a lead even if the link does not go through an affiliate network or even if the link points to the user’s own shop/blog. Every user receives an email when 70% of the total monthly available lead clicks have been spent. The system will also notify the user via email when he/she has reached the 100% of the total clicks.

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♦ Which is the most popular plan?

If you are a Youtuber, then the Gold plan is the most popular choice!

♦ How can I upgrade or downgrade an active plan?

Simply go to your Settings> Subscription page and select to upgrade or downgrade your plan by clicking on the respective button.

♦ Will my affiliate links continue to work if I cancel my subscription?

If you subscribe to Linkdeli and then decide for some reason to cancel your subscription, then all the affiliate lists will remain active on your blog/ channel/ other socials- nothing is lost. This is done so people that who do not make much from their affiliate links will continue to see some income from Linkdeli.