How to change the image of a link picked up with the bookmarklet?

Let's say that while building a new LinkDeli product list using the bookmarklet tool, the bookmarklet doesn't bring in the right images for a product. Instead, it fetches an irrelevant one from that shop page.


So, how can you fix it, if that happens?

There are two ways:

a. Replace completely the link and re-add it.

1. While on your LinkDeli Products page, go to your Library and search for the product you want to change the image of. If the products has just been brought in, it should be right on top of the product page. If it is an old product link, search for it by name. 

2. Once you find the product, click on the red bin to remove it from your collection.

3. Go to the shop's page and re-add the same product using the bookmarklet. If the bookmarklet doesn't bring up the correct image again, just click on whichever image you want on this page and it will pull that one.


b. Edit the link to set a new image

1. Go to the shop's page, find the product and right- click on its image to copy image address.

2. On your LinkDeli Products page, look for the product you want to change and click this time on the edit button.

3. Paste the image address you copied earlier on the Image URL field to replace the current one. 

4. Just save and it is all set!

In case you want to change the image of a link on a list that has already been published on your blog, you can proceed normally with the changes, as described above and the changes will be automatically reflected on your blog as well.