How to add multiple affiliate links to your instagram bio with LinkDeli

Get more out of your social media bio link!

Share multiple affiliate links of products you are recommending via Instagram or Twitter and direct your followers to exactly where you want them to go.

Discover LinkDeli's new Social Link feature and drive more views, engagement, and purchases than ever before!

The Social Link is an easy-to-implement solution to consolidate multiple links in one single link. You place one link in the bio as normal, BUT you set it once and forget it.Then just add and change the links that are visible through your LinkDeli dashboard with a few clicks. The changes are instantly available to your bio link.

Manage your links in no time.

When your visitors click your custom Social Link, they see a page with multiple visual links you want to share. You can share up as many links as you like.

Setting up the new feature is really easy. Here's how it goes:

Log into your LinkDeli account.

Create a list of the links you want to share via your bio link.

Create a new list

From your dashboard, go to the Settings (1) and select the "Social link" tab (2).

Pick an alias (3) and save

- The alias is your unique name in the LinkDeli system. You can choose whatever you want as long as it is not already taken. This can only be chosen once. So choose wisely!

Define an alias

An unique URL short code will be generated for you to paste it into your social media bio.

Unique alias

Connect your link with the list you’d like to share.

Connect to one of your list

Click to the preview button to see how your list will be displayed to your bio.

Preview your list

Here is a live preview that shows how your links will look after a visitor clicks the LinkDeli link in your bio.

Product list with affiliates

Pro tips:

  • Rearrange the order of the links by dragging them while in the edit mode.
  • Append a template list to this current list (check out more here).

Copy the link!

Embed the link in your bio

You are ready to embed your list to your bio.

Instagram bio

Now that you have a LinkDeli Social Link, you need to add it to your bio.

Sign in to your Instagram account.

instagram login

Select to edit your profile.

Edit Instagram profile

Copy and paste your unique LinkDeli social link into the bio and you are all set.

Add your social link in the bio

Preview of what your bio link looks like once clicked:

Instagram bio

Pro tip: Put a call to action under your latest photo that says “Check out the link in my bio for more information”.

Twitter bio

Follow the same process for adding the link to your Twitter bio as well.

Your social link will now be displayed to your Bio and, when your followers click through, they will be directed to your LinkDeli list.

Twitter bio

Use the Social Link and

  • promote your other social media accounts (Facebook, Pinterest board, YouTube channel, LinkedIn Profile, Snapchat account)
  • add a link to your latest blog post
  • share your latest YouTube video link

Track your social links

LinkDeli provides link tracking and statistics on your social-shared list as with every other list.

On your statistics page, you can check which clicks came from your social media accounts too!

Haven’t tried using it yet? Log into your LinkDeli account and give it a try.