How to add an affiliate product list to your blog (#step 3)

Once you have created an affiliate product list on LinkDeli, you can add it to your blog and start earning money from the sales you generate.

Here is how you can add a product list to your blog:

1. On your LinkDeli dashboard, click on the web code button of the list you want to publish.

LinkDeli web code

2. The blog tab is selected by default. Copy the code

3. Go to your blog and paste the code while on the html/ text mode.

Paste it on the html blog mode

4. Publish the post.

Here is how your LinkDeli product list will look like on your blog:

LinkDeli product list

Once your readers click on one thumbnail they will be directed to the corresponding shop to view the product. If they buy it, then you will be credited for the sale (you need to have an affiliate relationship with a shop in order to earn money from the sales you generare). 

Want to learn how you can add the same product list on your Youtube channel? Check out our next post.


Every change you make on your LinkDeli dashboard will be immediately reflected to your blog post without the need to change/replace the code