Get credited for the affiliate sales you generate!

So you have been approved for a shop's affiliate program, and now you can start promoting their products through your affiliate links and earn money!

Once you get approved, the only thing you need to do is to connect your Linkdeli account with that shop. This will allow us to generate affiliate links for you every time you link products from this shop using Linkdeli.

This is an essential step, to make sure you get credit for the sales you generate!

Here is how to do it, step by step:

Install the connection

On the Linkdeli Shop page, search for the shop you want to set up.

Available affiliate shops in Linkdeli

Add your affiliate ID. The affiliate ID is a unique identification number which is assigned to an affiliate and allows us to generate links for you every time you link shop products using the Linkdeli. This is a procedure you only need to do once.

Available affiliate shops in Linkdeli, SimonSaysStamp

How to find your affiliate id for a shop.

Usually, the affiliate id for a shop is visible in your affiliate account.

Simply login to your corresponding account, copy your affiliate id from there and paste it to your affiliate-id field in LinkDeli. 

In cases that shops have custom affiliate programs, the proper way to get your id is to contact directly with them. 

But if a shop’s affiliate program is supported by an affiliate network, you can use the information below to find your ids:

Note: Your affiliate id for Shareasale should be the same for all the shops you have through that network.

Preview the final affiliate link before publish your list

To avoid getting the message "The link is not currently active" when you click on your links, make sure you preview them and confirm they have been set properly before publish your list.

Affiliate link is not active

Simply click on the small eye icon on the product when editing a list.

Affiliate product link

A dialog box will pop up with the final link, which will also contain the affiliate information.

Preview an affiliate link

If your product tile contains more than one product, a list with as many links will be produced so you can check each one individually.