Create an affiliate product list with LinkDeli (#step 2)

To create an affiliate product list with LinkDeli:

1. Login to your LinkDeli account.

2. On your dashboard, click to create a list

Create a LinkDeli product list

2. Enter a title for your list. Click to create the list.

Create a LinkDeli product list

3. The search page will open. On the Shops field, select the shops you want to look into for products.

Select your affiliate shops

3. Enter a term and click on the search icon on the right.Enter a term for the affiliate product you are looking for

4.  The relevant products will be brought in. Select those you want to be added to your list.

Select the affiliate products

5. Your product list is built.

LinkDeli product list

6. Preview the list by clicking on the relevant icon

Preview the LinkDeli product list

Here is how your list will look like on your blog:

Change the styling of a LinkDeli product list

To change the style of your list, click on the brush:

To explore the available styling options, click here.


If you cannot find a product, you can still add it to your list manually by using the +Add your link functionality.