How to add a product to a LinkDeli list manually

Let's say you want to add a product link from a specific shop to your LinkDeli list but this shop does not support any kind of affiliate program or it is not searchable in LinkDeli database.

LinkDeli provides two options to help you add those products to your lists manually by using the Bookmarket tool or the +Add product button.


Here is how you can use the bookmarklet to grab ANY link from any website:

1. Open LinkDeli.

2. Go to the top menu and drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar (or sidebar, if you are in Safari):


3. The bookmarklet will be renamed to "Linkdeli".


4. Go to a shop/ site of your choice.

5. Click on the saved bookmarklet (favorite in safari lingo) and a new window will pop up.

6. The bookmarklet will automatically pick the image and the title of the product. If the boookmarklet fails to pull them, simply right-click on product's image and highlight its description. All the corresponding fields on the bookmarklet will automatically be filled. You can always change the default title, if you need to.


7. Select one of your lists from the drop down menu and send the product there. Alternatively, leave the relevant field blank.


The +Add product function

If the bookmarklet doesn't work for some reason, you can use the +Add product function to add a product link manually.

1. Create a new LinkDeli list or select to edit an old one.

2. Scroll down to the page to the “+Add product” button and click on it.


3. A window to enter the product details will pop up.


4. Go to the shop and find the product you want to use.

5. Copy the URL of the product.

6. Go back to LinkDeli and paste the URL on (a). This will automatically populate the title (b) and the image URL (c).

7. Save.

How to change the display image of a product

In case you want to change the display image of a product, use the "Upload image" function to upload a new one.

Manually added products

Find the products that have been added manually on your LinkDeli Products page, in your library. These products are marked with a little icon at the top right corner.

You can also find them on the Mine tab, while on the main Linkdeli search functionality:

To search for a product to your manually added items, just select the mine tab and press search.  Simply click once on the desired product and it will be added to your product list.


♦ Use the bookmarklet to build a dedicated to all your favorite stuff page on your blog. Check our out blog post here.