Add product dialog: what to do when a product image isn't picked up

Let's say you need to add a product through the "Add product" dialog but after you paste the Product URL, the product image doesn't populate normally and as a result, the small circle runs forever.

Here is what you can do:

  • First of all, go to the shop and find the product you want to add
  • Right click on the product image and select "copy image address/URL"

  • Paste the image address to the URL field and save.


  • Save the product image to your computer

  • Click to upload it and save 

You are all set! Now, you can search for more products.

Useful tips:

  • Use the "Add a product" dialog (or equally the bookmarket) when you need to add a product from a shop that either you don't have an affiliate relation with it or this shop hasn't been in Linkdeli shop list yet. (In this case, please do send us a shop request!)
  • You can find the products you add through these options at your "Products" page. (Read here how you can use the Linldeli Products page)
  • Most noteworthy, any product you add through the "Add a product" dialog (or the bookmarket), will be converted to affiliate links as soon as you create an affiliate relation with a shop.

Want to learn more tips?

Check out our tutorial post about how both the bookmarklet tool and the add product dialog work. You can also watch our howto video. (Don't miss out on to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get the latest howto videos directly in your inbox!)