How can you make your art/craft classes more profitable? 

Easy. Print the supplies list and give it to your students. 

Now, this may sound easy but there is a small problem. When class students pick up a paper with a product list with images or names of products, they immediately go to google and search for these products or go to their favorite shop and search for the products through that shop. 

That means no earnings for you, as it is the norm in online sales. No affiliate revenue. 

To solve this problem you need to make the products not only presentable but easily accessible too. And "easily" means quicker and easier than it is to hop on a browser and type the name. 



A LinkDeli printable product list does exactly this. 

Linkdeli printable product list

It offers the same presentation of the products with its online counterpart but provides no-click access to the online list as well. 

In most, if not all, modern smartphones, the camera is able to recognize the so-called QR-Code. It is a rectangular grid of black and white dots that may not make much sense when you see it. Your phone though, can check it and decode it. It will then tell you what this is about and allow you to take action if needed. 

In the LinkDeli printable lists, there is a QR-Code on your printout which is immediately recognized as a link to the same online product list. 

So, students of your class can just pick up the piece of paper with the product list, point their camera to it and go to check out the products in YOUR product list. 

This, combined with the multiple shops per product feature of LinkDeli, will allow your students to add any products to their favorite shop's cart, through your affiliate links, for the same price. You get the sale, they get the products without searching, with a few clicks and everybody is happy!

You can include a description of the course or the suggested products at the top of your list and if you prefer, you can even print that list as a pdf and send it! The QR-Code will work just the same and you may find your product list selling directly from a pdf!

A great thing about PDFs and links is that while most shops do not allow affiliate links on pdfs, you are shielded, as the link in the pdf only points to your LinkDeli list, not the affiliate product links. 

Hope you all find this handy. If you have any questions, drop us a line.

The Linkdeli Team

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