LinkDeli Team accounts

Do you have a design team? Get it to LinkDeli and unleash its creativity!

Linkdeli team accounts is the easiest way for merchants to have their design teams under one roof and at the same time, a useful tool for their team members to feature quickly and easily the products they use on their projects.  

Linkdeli team accounts are recommended for any project leader or business owner who wants his team to enjoy the privileges of Linkdeli, but without having to share his own login credentials or billing information with them.

Most important, team owners have a bird's eye view of how the team members are performing with fine-grained statistics. 

How a Linkdeli Team account works

Within team accounts there are two roles: owners and members.

Team owners are special members that have full control over the account. They are the only ones who can upgrade the team profile, add or remove members and manage billing info. They have overview of how the team and each member is performing and who is bringing in more leads.

Team members are users that have been invited by a Team owner to join a Linkdeli account. They have access to all the products the team owner allows them to, and can use the lists they create themselves to either the shop's blog or their own.

Register to LinkDeli

As a Team owner you can register to the service from here. To activate your account, click on the link in the activation email sent to you.

Login and start with your trial

Login using your email address and your password. During your trial, you will have access to all available features.


⇒ LinkDeli offers a 15-day trial period. Ask for it!

Configure your settings

Doing so will enable the team settings page on your account:

Name your team

Go to your Settings (1) and select the "Team" page (2).


Name your Team and save.


Now, you'll be prompted to invite team members.

Invite team members

Type an e-mail address (1) and press the “Invite” button (2). Repeat the process and invite more members to your team.


Once an invitation has been sent, the new members should receive within a few minutes an activation email with the login credentials (linkdeli-team email and password), including a link to activate their account.

Congrats! Your team has been created!

⇒ Have a larger team? Upgrade your plan or contact us!

Manage your Team’s membership

The team settings page will display a handful of profile details for your team, along with a list of members.

You can see a team member's name and email and whether a team member has accepted your invitation to the team.

Once an individual has accepted the invitation, the activated status will turn to green.


The new members do not have access to team's billing or team settings and they have limited access to page and features, such as the “Shops” page, the bookmarklet tool and the “Add a link” button.

Set the shops

Only the owner of a team has access to the "Shops" page and he/she is the only one who can configure the collaborated shops for the members and set the affiliate ids, if any.


Two alternatives for adding products

Give the alternative to your team members to use products from shops that do not support any kind of affiliate program or they are not searchable within the available shops through the Bookmarklet or the +Add product button. For more info check out here.

Now your members are ready to create their first visual product list!


The "Stats" page!

The “Stats” page provides the most important data about your Team: an overall view of the average clicks of the whole team (1) as well as detailed statistics for all members’ clicks (2)!


The Team owner (and only the owner) can see detailed statistics for each member of the team and get a concrete idea of who is generating the most leads.

The Overview tab gives data about the product leads (3) as well as the peak hours (4).



Beneath this, you can see the most popular leads for a period of time (5),


leads' origin (blog, Youtube, email) (6)


and each members leads (7).null

And, lastly, you can use the date selector to view daily, weekly and monthly data (8).


Team members

Login to LinkDeli

For the first login, use the email and the password that are provided in the activation email you received from LinkDeli.

From your "Settings" page change your password to a desired one as soon as you activate your LinkDeli account.


Define your own styling options

From you "Settings" as well define the style that fits to your blog needs. Read here for more info about how you can theme your products lists.


Create a list

From your “List” page you can create your first product list using the shops and the products the team owner has set.


Click here for a step by step guide of how you can easily create a product list.

Search for a product

Once you create your list, a search page will be shown up. Click on the cog icon and four advanced searching options will be displayed:


Shops (1): Enter a keyword on the search bar and all the products from the shops that the Team owner has set will be shown. Click once on the desired products and they will be added to your lists.

Tags (2): Applying this option will help you to track products you have formerly assigned with tags and you constantly use. Check out here for more info about tags.

Team (3): Fetch all the products that the Team owner has added manually. Enter a description on the search bar and the products that respond to that term will be shown. If you don't enter any description, it will bring all the products they have been added by the owner without any exception.

All (4): Search simultaneously to all the above options

Find more products

In the “Products” page you will find two tabs, the "Team library" that includes the products the Team owner has added by hand and the “Most used” tab where all the products you usually use will be displayed.


Track your statistics

In the “Stats” page, a member can only track his/her own leads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. He/She can also check out the peak hours for his/hers clicks, find out the most popular leads and, lastly the leads origin.