How to theme your product lists?

One of the most requested features in LinkDeli has now been released! Theming!

You can modify the styling option of all your product lists at once from your settings page (and set this sole theme as a default) or adjust the style of each list individually from the edit mode.

Depending on your current LinkDeli plan, you can change:

A. the thumbnail size

B. the background color

C. the image roundness

D. the product title

E. the shop links


Let's start from applying a generic style for all your lists. From your settings (1), select the "List styling" page (2) and five options (A-E) will be displayed to help you configure your own style:

A. Thumbnail size

Adjust your thumbnails size so as to fit perfect to your blog's layout. Resize them by selecting small, medium or large and save.

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B. Background color

Click on the box underneath the "background color" tab and a coloring board will be shown up. Use the HEX color tool (1) to generate a css code for your selected color (simply type the 6 digit color code in the box), the RGB color model (2) to reproduce a broad array of desired colors or the HSL color model (3). You can also adjust the transparency of your selected color.


C. Image roundness
Adjust your images roundness according to your preferences. Your images could be squared, without any edges or round.

D. Product title

Turn the visibility of the product title on or off.



E. Shop links

Toggle the visibility of the shop links.



If the "Shop links" option is turned on, you can edit the "buy now" text as well and type in one that will work better for you.


As mentioned above, you have also the option to change the style of any list individually. From your lists page, go to the list you want to modify and while in the edit mode, click on the "style" button and the above "List styling" window will pop up.



You have always the option to reset the style you have applied to your lists either from your settings page, if you want to reset your lists' styling options to the LinkDeli default


or from the edit list mode (just click on the "style" button, the grey paintbrush), if you want to remove the styling applied only to the current list.


Would you like more styling options to be included?

Feel free to send us your suggestions at