How to build a dedicated page to all your favorite stuff on your blog using LinkDeli. Show your appreciation for the shops support you.

There is something undeniably special about blogging. Your audience doesn’t just love to read your posts. They love to be inspired, learn from you and dare to grow with you. Broadening your blog topics beyond your industry and sharing with them your knowledge and resources regarding all the things you love and enjoy, like books, movies, travels, cooking, you make them want to constantly come back to your blog, gaining their engagement and building an audience that looks up to you.

Creating a page on your blog for consistent content like “My favorite books”, “My classes” or even “Shops I love” for showing your admiration for the shops support you, it is a great idea that not only your readers will love but also there will be additional results for you, including more traffic and sales.

Today, we will go through on how you can easily build a dedicated to loved stuff and shops page using LinkDeli.

Here is how you can build a(n) (affiliate) list with your favorite brands and be added to a prominent page on your blog:

Create a new list on your LinkDeli dashboard.

Go to the shop’s site you want to be featured in your list.

Open the bookmarklet to add the link of this site to your new list.

Follow the same procedure for all the shops you want to feature.

Grab the code of this list and add it on your blog, as usual.


Let’s say you want to link to the results pages of a shop so as to point to a specific brand.

Go to the shop and search for a specific brand name

Αt the search results page, use again the bookmarklet to add this link to your list. This will be a link to the specific shop, pointing to that search!


​Now, you will need to change the images from the products, to show the brand’s logo.

Since the bookmarklet will not find any company logos on that pages, you can just edit the links afterwards, from your Library page and set the brand’s logo images. 

The best way to go about it is to pick their images from their social accounts:


Go to their Facebook account or their YouTube channel and simply right click on them.

Copy image address and paste it in the respective field:

Now, when your readers click on that link, it will go to the search page for the specific brand in the specific product. And all this, through your affiliate account, so any sales you generate, are yours!

Of course, you can join the links from multiple shops when creating/editing the list.  If you have more than one product joined in one thumbnail, you only need to do this for the first one, as this is the picture that will show up. 

​The result will be something like that:

Follow the same procedure for any list you want to create. There are countless ideas of lists you can build for your readers!